Donate a percentage of your Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) to Blood N Fire Ministry to give hope to the lost. We are a ministry reaching out to the broken-hearted in hopes to give them another chance in life. Your donations make a difference!

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A Program of Blood n Fire Ministry of Alaska

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Knik House offers a solution-based, goal orientated program that teaches substantial remedies and education with regard to chronic homelessness, poverty, and crisis.
Knik House is a Community focused Program designed to successfully Habilitate and Re-habilitate people in housing crisis.
​We provide a safe, sober, faith-based and stable environment for at risk or mentally ill people who are in housing crisis.
We provide shelter, food, clothing, education, healthy relationship building, transportation, referrals, self-sufficiency and respect.

Our Objective:
Our goal is to provide temporary, long term and emergency housing to families, men, women, single parents, re-entry population and people with mental illness in the Mat Su Valley.


Our 1 - 18 month program includes:
• Referrals for Services
• Addiction Support
• Tenant Etiquette
• Housekeeping
• Parenting Skills
• Life Skills
• Employment Skills
• Individualized Family Action
• Case Management
• Transportation
• Sober Living Option
• Transition to Permanent Housing

P.O. Box 873375
Wasilla, AK 99687-3375
0r Phone:  907.357.0391
Fax:  907.357-0392 E-mail:

Our Purpose:
Our goal is to support our clients, and community by offering services that focus on whole person care, coordinating services with community partners, collaboration, and crisis stabilization


Our 1 - 12 month Sober Living includes:

• Affordable housing 
•  Knik House Staff and services Support
• Putting Life Skills to practice
• On-going Employment suppot
• Continued Goal Setting
• Transportation
• Sober Living
• Transition to Permanent Housing